Enjoy the feeling of being connected.

By design, Pringle Creek Community provides residents with the opportunity to connect with neighbors, the land, and nature.

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PCC.street.lifeWe honor our intimate connection to nature and between neighbors. Pringle Creek Community is three miles from downtown Salem, Oregon’s capital. Going north, south, east or west, we’re just one short hour from Portland, Eugene, ski resorts or the Oregon coast.

Neighbors connect with one another easily and naturally. The community is designed to accentuate walking and talking with large front porches and walking trails. [list icon=”moon-quotes-left” color=”#82bc1e”]We lived in the country for 15 years and found it very isolating. We rarely interacted with our neighbors. Here, we know all our neighbors. Not a day goes by without a wave, a bit of chatter or the swap of just picked zucchini. [/list]
[list icon=”moon-quotes-left” color=”#82bc1e”]I feel safe that I know all my neighbors and trust that I could call on them for anything I’d need help with. [/list]
[list icon=”moon-quotes-left” color=”#82bc1e”]You meet people at the mailboxes, then visit in the garden. We talk to passersby from the balcony. Yeah, it’s that “connected” thing again!
[list icon=”moon-quotes-left” color=”#82bc1e”]We’ve watched the community grow and evolve. We’ve learned so much … and applied it to our lives … especially simplification. We really can do small things and make a big difference.
[list icon=”moon-quotes-left” color=”#82bc1e”]We heard a wee knock on the door and opened it to see two of the neighbor children who had made pumpkin muffins “just because you are so nice!”


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Unknown[list icon=”moon-quotes-left” color=”#82bc1e”]It’s nice to know you can live so small with such abundance!
[list icon=”moon-quotes-left” color=”#82bc1e”]We have healthy homes that are economical to run, a win-win.
[list icon=”moon-quotes-left” color=”#82bc1e”]Tikkun Olam, or repairing the world, is here every day in every way. Such a wise way to live.
[list icon=”moon-quotes-left” color=”#82bc1e”]I love how safe it is here. Safe because neighbors watch out for one another, safe because my home is healthy with quality indoor air, fire suppression sprinklers and materials that are made to protect the earth’s resources.
[list icon=”moon-quotes-left” color=”#82bc1e”]I don’t have to go anywhere to recreate. I just step out the front door and I’m in a park.[/list]
[list icon=”moon-quotes-left” color=”#82bc1e”]Where else can you live where your CSA is just steps away? And where organic eggs are so fresh and nutritious?[/list]

[tab title=”MINDFUL LIVING” icon=”moon-users-5″]
js+gr+DSC07441Pringle Creek Community is designed from the very first heartbeat to be mindful of the limited resources of the earth and our impact on the environment.[spacer size=”20″]
[tab title=”MODEL FOR THE FUTURE” icon=”moon-users-5″]
5-raingardenBalanced, sustainable development focusing on land preservation, energy efficiency, green building, walkability, high density building, agriculture, and community living for multiple generations.[spacer size=”20″]


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