Imagine a place designed to be in balance with nature.

Pringle Creek Community uses resources wisely and sustainably. The community has 12 acres of shared space that is landscaped with orchards, berry patches, restored glasshouses for year-round gardening, and an acre of community garden space. Imagine calling this home.

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pcc nature 228x197Our namesake, Pringle Creek, runs through the length of the community. Our creek has been restored and certified as Salmon Safe, meaning the watershed is clean enough for native salmon to spawn and thrive. Benches along the creek allow quiet contemplation of the surrounding beauty and appreciation of the gentle sounds of water wandering and flowing with your thoughts.[spacer size=”20″]


[tab title=”GREEN SPACE” icon=”moon-leaf-2″]
IMG_0107Pringle Creek Community’s shared green space totals 35% of the neighborhood. These green spaces provide a rooted feeling, where people connect with the land, wildlife and growing things at every turn.[spacer size=”20″]


[tab title=”COMMUNITY GARDENS” icon=”moon-leaf-2″]
PCC.sunWhether you want to have a space in the community garden or simply have your CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) basket delivered to your porch, fresh wholesome fruits and vegetables are part of the Pringle Creek Community experience.[spacer size=”20″]


[tab title=”GLASSHOUSES” icon=”moon-leaf-2″]

Our vintage Lord and Burnham glasshouses provide an opportunity to get back in touch with the earth and experience the joy of growing delicious greens and vegetables year round.[spacer size=”20″]


[tab title=”ORCHARDS” icon=”moon-leaf-2″]
photo-2Orchards and berry patches – cherries, apples, plums, pears, peaches, blueberries and strawberries – make up our edible landscape, another community amenity. Nibbling while picking is expected![spacer size=”20″]


[tab title=”MODEL FOR THE FUTURE” icon=”moon-leaf-2″]
jsa-marge+walking+sampsonPringle Creek Community is a model for the future with balanced, sustainable development focusing on land preservation, energy efficiency, green building, walkability, high density building, agriculture, and community living for multiple generations.[spacer size=”20″]



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